IEIA Foundation


The IEIA Scholarship Foundation
offers people from Mexico and other countries, including but not limited to professionals, students or technical workers, the possibility to participate in the actual programs.

Academic continuous education


An economical support is provided for technical trips, payment of a seminar or course, participation in a congress or technical meeting. The fund may provide grants for technical people needing a support to increase the qualifications for a job or specific activities mainly associated with the goals of the ISF.

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Health and sport development


The Foundation may provide funds, materials or other support to individuals or groups in specific sports. It also promotes activities that may increase health and wellness of people.


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Master's degrees scholarships

A grant is provided to people who initiate a Master’s Degree. Grants vary in duration, from 2 to 24 months, as specified in the award description.  

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Support for disabled people

A person with specific disabilities may participate in a Project of the IEIA, giving an option to have a work in specific projects and the opportunity to have a personal development. The IEIA may develop new software projects in education and assessment to improve the participation and education of disabled people.

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Technical meetings and documentation

The ISF may help libraries with funds to increase its reference capabilities, recover withdrawal funds from libraries to increase and promote the library of the IEIA. This program helps some institutions to present papers, posters or other materials in technical journals and professional meetings.

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