Scholarship Foundation

College expenses

More than 10 students from families with low income have received the benefits of this program.

The ISF helps the student to cover college expenses or fees for admission or graduation.


Continuous education in assessment for teachers

The ISF has supported several groups of educational professionals that have followed seminars offered by the COPEEMS, which is a certification agency of the Federal Secretary of Education in Mexico (SEP). The grant includes travel and other expenses for every person.

Graduate and professional stages


Faculty, graduate candidates and professionals of selected disciplines, may participate in short-term collaborative two-to four-week projects. People  from different parts of Mexico or abroad have benefited from this program, mainly in the fields of education and nursing research, or to improve their knowledge of statistical models, Rasch analysis, multilevel or structural equation modeling.


Online technical support

The ISF promotes technical support and disburses grants for some agencies for specific topics, according to the IEIA capabilities. The grant covers the expenses of consultancy. Some of the programs that have been benefited from the ISF regarding consultancy, are:

aProjects in statistics, test and item calibration for educational evaluation, for instance: NASA project at Wheeling Jesuit University , (West Virginia, USA); Assess-Group (Liege, Belgium).

bDoctoral programs and PhD students from institutions such as: Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch (Teheran,IRAN), Escola da Enfermagem da USP (Sao Paulo, Brazil),  Delta State University (Abraka, Nigeria).
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I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Tristan and the IEIA for their  seriousness and continuous availability to participate in our research  project.


Technical certifications

Guadalupe has finished technical studies in office competencies  and Patricia obtained a technical diploma on graphic design.



Martin is a technician who has completed a course on production of rabbits at the Centro Nacional de Cunicultura (Irapuato, Mexico). The aim of this course was to promote the production of healthy food, being this one of the interest areas of the ISF, which provided a grant for the course, travel, accommodation and other expenses. In addition, the project was supported due to its social interest, given the fact that it was the first time he has obtained a technical certification, it was a truly rewarding and success experience in his life.

Undergraduate stages

The ISF has promoted the participation of undergraduate students in specific projects, including statistical analysis, preparation of items for tests, programming for software development, industrial engineering timing and movement analysis, finite element analysis of mechanical parts and structures, basic administration of a company, and many more. Two or three undergraduate students participate every year in specific projects, with the collaboration of local universities. The stage duration varies from six to twelve months.