Scholarship Foundation

Development of assessment software for disabled people

The ISF provides a specific grant to support the design and development of assessment software for disabled people. In addition to the production of tests in Braille for blind people in El Salvador from 2004 to 2006,  currently two programs are being developed: (a) software to use the Mexican sign language for the hearing impaired and (b) an interface design for on-line tests for blind  people or individuals with limited vision.

Jobs for people with disabilities or specific diseases

Some job positions granted by the ISF have been offered to disabled people at the IEIA in specific areas, with a duration that varies from 1 month to 1 year depending on the project (personal data are confidential):

a Blind = 1

b Hearing impaired = 2

c Mentally disabled = 2

d HIV positive = 1

e Cancer = 2

f Limited vision = 3

g Diabetes = 3

Social activities

The ISF has contributed with some funds to a local company of healthy food products which helps elder people or people with Down Syndrome, HIV and some other disabilities. Activities are organized six times a year through local centers of social intervention.