Scholarship Foundation

Health care and purchase of medical equipment

A grant from ISF has ensured quality medical care that was not covered by social security in San Luis Potosi. In these cases most data are confidential, the Foundation has supported:

a Dental treatment of three people;


bNursing care for the elderly;


cMedical treatments for people with cancer or HIV, done in collaboration with local associations;


dPurchase of medical equipment for elder people (wheel chairs, oxygen equipment, CPAP and other medical devices).



  Melissa with her new teeth


Junior sports

A continuous collaboration from the beginning of the Foundation has promoted sports (Triathlon, Racquetball, Squash) for junior categories, individually or through local associations or clubs. Some participants won national and international tournaments.


A special grant has been offered to coaches in different categories, and special support for an amateur soccer team in El Salvador.