Expertise in Finite Element Analysis for a wide variety of engineering projects.

Do you have mechanical parts that fail?
Are you interested on cost reduction for manufacturing and optimization of a product?
Do you need to redesign mechanical parts or structures due to fracture or fatigue?
Does your company need an optimal design combining heat, dynamics and static loading?

Our experience is focused on design and analysis for: new products, inverse engineering, simulation studies and solution of problems in these areas:

  • Static (Stress and deformations, plasticity).
  • Dynamic (Impact loads, wind, seismic activity, trasient loads).
  • Thermal and termomechanical (temperature field, thermal stress).
  • Fluids and diffusion of pollutants.
  • Failure and fracture (residual stress, fatigue, fissures).
  • Simulation and optimization for discrete production.


Thermomechanical analysis of reactors for HYLSA. Study of heat transfer, stress and deformations. Optimization of structural design. In this project stresses were decreased from a dangerous condition and a secure design was obtained. The reactors are working and the technology has been sold to other countries, in particular to India and Venezuela.

Analysis of the behavior of stove burner for Leiser, S.A. (SLP). Diverse conditions of flow were simulated in the admission tubes, secondary mix and areas of possible improvement of the product were obtained.

Simulation of the behavior of a valve. The valve was redesigned and several improvements could be identified in the thermomechanical behavior of the device used in the foundry reactor of HYLSA. As an additional result of this project, a report to Congress was prepared.


Analysis of the fatigue behavior of the support for the bogie of the coach, for a company in Ciudad Sahagún, Hgo. This project allowed the redesign of a part of great relevance and security, used in the repair and rehabilitation during maintenence.

Failure analysis and simulation of the behavior of the skin-pass roller. With this analysis, the company could negotiate modifications and guarantees with the manufacturer in Germany. IESSA obtained for this study a national and international acknowledgement, since this analysis was more reliable, deep and professional than those from the consultancy companies of Germany and of the United States, hired by the client for the same service.

Fatigue analysis of the rear axle of a truck for a company located in Guadalajara. The effect of dynamic loads was studied in the axle in order to identify new fissures. The axles are manufactured in Mexico and exported to the USA.


EC-PROCESS is our main user-friendly software for analysis of discrete production.

EIIA is a tool to control timing and analyse the production in real conditions.


Analysis of fatigue and structural behavior in the support for the motor of the coach. The part is manufactured by a Mexican company and it is purchased by the Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro, D.F.

Analysis of the behavior of agricultural implements. Simulation of the resistance against impacts and diverse working conditions.

Simulation of the fatigue behavior of the security wheel set for the coach, manufactured in Mexico. The new design should be simulated to study the behavior before the load conditions imposed by Sistema de Transporte Colectivo Metro, Ciudad de Mexico. A study of safe life was carried out and the areas of potential failure were studied. As an additional result, a report to Congress was prepared.


Analysis of dynamic behavior of the coach of the light train of MEXICO City, for Bombardier.

Simulation of structural dynamics of the first-class car of Ferrocarriles Nacionales; family of trolley buses for Trinity Industries. Support in the structural design for Omnibus Integrales, Grupo Dina, etc.

Structural analysis of the electrical bus "Marmon-Harrington" and "New flyer". Static and dynamic analysis were provided to the Sistema de Transportes Eléctricos del D.F., STEDF, some elements for the decision regarding the security the trolley bus and its remotion from circulation.

National and international companies Research centers Educational institutions
Comisión Federal de Electricidad
Grupo DINA, Ciudad Sahagún
Cupro San Luis Potosí
Trinity Industries de México
Mercedes Benz
Mexicana de Autobuses
Empresas de Alto Rendimiento
Sistema de Transportes Eléctricos, D.F.
Omnibus Integrales
Productos Estampados de México
Inst. de Invest. Eléctricas
Centro Nacional de Metrología
Inst. Mexicano del Transporte
Inst. de Ingeniería, UNAM
Inst. de Ingeniería, UANL
Centro de Instrumentos, UNAM
Inst. Nac. de Invest. Nucleares
Univ. Aut. Metropolitana, UAM
Inst. Tec. de San Luis Potosí, ITSLP
Inst. Tec. de Saltillo, ITS
Inst. Tec. de Monterrey, ITESM
Univ. Aut. de Aguascalientes, UAA
Univ. Aut. de Morelos, UAEM
Univ. Aut. de Nuevo León
Univ. Aut. de San Luis Potosí, UASLP
Univ. Aut. de Baja California, UABC

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Our analysis may give you a good idea of our capabilities in engineering simulation. Please contact our commercial area to define your needs and get a quote from IEIA. We shall be more than happy to help you!

What our customers think.

  • Agustín Tristán, PhD, has helped us in several investigation projects related to the numeric analysis by means of the finite element method... he has allowed our students to understand in depth a series of mechanisms and phenomena that may have required a longer experimentation and analysis.

    Dr. Rafaél Colás Ortiz. National Researcher. Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
  • ... we requested some studies of finite elements. In particular, the information of these studies was used for designs in Monterrey and in India. After two years of operation, we had the opportunity to inspect the results of the behavior of these designs and they were totally positive. In general, I'm glad to tell you that we are very happy with the results obtained from these studies.

    Ing. Ronald López Gómez. Engineering Manager. HYLSA, Monterrey
  • Agustín Tristán, PhD., investigator for the Optimization Project of electrical motors of fractional power... Our company has developed new designs of electrical motors for exportation through the optimization process obtained by this project, with the following benefits: (a) Cost reduction. (b) Improvement of the electrical parameters. (c) More easy manufacturing.
    These benefits allowed us to become more Internationally competitive...

    Ing. Rubén Tinoco Ojanguren. Project Manager. Consorcio Manufacturero, COMASA, San Luis Potosí
  • ... the analyses allowed us to optimize the design of the roller, to obtain acceptable levels of stresses in the whole piece, to reach an infinite theoretical life for this piece and to assure the reliable operation of the roller in the long term. We also acknowledge the high technical level demonstrated during the realization of the project and in the scheduled time for delivering results, having reached the best performance evaluation among the three work groups that, given the complexity of the problem, carried out the analyses of the redesigned roller simultaneously in Mexico, Germany and the United States...

    Ing. René Autrique Ruiz. Project Manager. MEXINOX, San Luis Potosí